GWT Tools, Geez and GStyle.

I’m loving developing web applications in GWT at the moment – it’s great being back in the Java world, rather than XML / HTML / Javascript / whatever.

There’s a few things that annoy me, the widgets in GWT don’t easily allow you set an id on them, which means when it comes to testing, Selenium etc. has difficulty. So I’ve started a project called Geez that aims to add a bit more of a fluent way of building GWT apps… find it here:

Another thing that annoys me is still having to write style sheets for the application, and having to integrate these using string names as per defined in the style sheet. Browser incompatibilities annoy me, as GWT has abstracted away all the Javascript incompatibilities, I do wonder why they didn’t do CSS at the same time. Anyway, here’s another project I’ve started to address this:

Please note, they are very young, and I haven’t spent lots of time on them yet – so don’t whinge too much! That said, I’m more than happy for people to contribute ideas, code, tea – anything, just ping me.


3 Responses to GWT Tools, Geez and GStyle.

  1. Mike says:

    What is so difficult about:

    widget.getElement().setAttribute(“id”, “someid”);


  2. stuartervine says:

    Nothing really, but I set id’s on a lot of stuff, as I write a lot of acceptance test with Selenium. So writing that once, or twice in my mind is fine… but after the 3rd, 4th… 20th time, you get a bit fed up with it.

    I have to admit, I’m a selfish programmer… I like things to be as simple and as easy for me as possible – and for me this is a lot more simple.

    Have fun with it anyway!

  3. Nice one! I’d prefer withId() and withStyleName() for readability — what do you think about adding them as synonyms? Looking forward to your PAC screencast. I’ve read the Wikipedia page and a couple of other pages but I’m still not sure I get it, so it would be good to see an example.

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